About Us

Our Jewdash Story!

December 2018 – A group of Jewish friends sat around a table asking each other ‘Why were my Hanukkah candles $18 at Walgreens? Why can’t I find a single Menorah? Why is it so hard to find Challah in the city? Where can I find Jewish goods that will make me feel at home?’  We spoke to another friend at UMass Amherst regarding the topic, and she too said that finding the things that define our holiday celebrations and beautiful Jewish traditions, were absent: Passover without Matzo Ball Soup, Hanukkah without gelt and dreidels, Shabbat without Challah. We realized that this problem was not unique to Amherst or San Francisco, it was prevalent in Little Rock, Arkansas where we grew up, and spanned throughout the States.

It was these questions that started Jewdash. Aimed at delivering Jewish life straight to your doorstep, Jewdash helps you avoid the stress, time consumption, and last-minute price inflation that we all struggle with. Whether it be in college, or post-graduation, finding the right Jewish products is hard; nothing beats Safta’s kitchen! We are here to make sure that Jewish life is never compromised regardless how far home may be. 

In addition to holiday boxes, our goal is to help create communities in cities where Jewish life may seem hard to find. By joining Jewdash, we welcome you into a community that comes together for Shabbat, Passover, Rosh Hashana, Hanukkah, and more! Jewish life is important to us, and sharing it even more so, so join our Jewdash community and help us bring home to you.