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We founded Jewdash to make life a little easier. Every month, we'll send you the essentials of Jewish life straight to your door without the stress, time, and last-minute price inflation that we all struggle with.

Whether it’s Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Passover or just Shabbat, let us help you celebrate home away from home!

Join hundreds of others in celebrating the holidays hassle-free!


I sent a Jewdash box to my Mother, and she couldn’t have been happier, especially with me gone! My father was clearly jealous! Will be sending Jewdash boxes to both for all of the holidays!

Justin, Washington DC

I thought the Jewdash box was going to be a fun item to receive, which it was! In addition, it also had many hand-packed items that helped me learn so much more about Judaism than I originally expected. I didn’t know warts were one of the 10 Passover plagues!

Jessie, San Francisco

I brought the Jewdash Passover box to a colleague’s Seder as a gift and their family loved it! The traditions within the box brought nostalgia and memories that no wine bottle could have replaced!

Sam, New York